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Product Review: Mr. Buddy Indoor Safe Heater

Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Propane Heater

We purchased this heater on a recent road trip from the southeast of the USA to the northwest! Brrrrrrrrrrrr……..We wanted a heater that was tested as safe indoor in enclosed spaces.  We are using mr buddy heater in our RV.  We even found it so efficient in our small 42 sq/ft truck camper that we just used the pilot on setting. When we wanted it warmer the Mr heater buddy run time averaged about 4 hours on one small tank on the lowest setting.


  • Small Design allows for easy storage
  • Can use a hose to an external tank.
  • Auto Shut off if it tips over.


  • Small Tank capacity – Be sure to get the double tank, we purchased the small tank capacity and really had to pay attention.
  • Lot’s of heat comes off the top of the heater, so be sure you have enough room around it to be safe.

Mrs. Adventure says, ” I like it cause it just works, but be sure to have a carbon monoxide alarm available just in case.”


Have you used this heater and have information to share?

Is Mr Buddy Heater indoor use ok?

One of the fears of using a propane heater indoor is the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide in even small doses over time can be fatal as it builds up in your bloodstream. We have a carbon monoxide alarm in our small 42 square foot truck camper and did a little research on this issue. The best test we have seen is from Taylor Dzaman on youtube.

Taylor Dzaman test out the Mr. Buddy Heater!
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