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Remote Work

Remote Work: Work on the Road

remote working
a situation in which an employee works mainly from home and communicates with the company by email and telephone

Remotely working or telecommuting has increased by 159% between 2005 and 2017.Source FlexJobs/Global Workplace Analytics

What is Remote Work

Technology innovation has brought many changes to the world around us. One of the bigger changes has been in the way people work. No more are you tied down to an office, only able to connect with those around you. With the technology changes that have happened in the last 10 years, you are able to teleconference with team members, complete tasks remotely and juggle the work schedule around your daily life. The future of work is here.

In leading research from Microsoft, they asked what you envision the future of work to be. Bright minds came up with the video below.

Microsoft’s Future of Work

With today’s technology and a little bit of know-how, you can embrace the promise of supporting yourself on the road!

Fields from computer support/IT, medical & health, sales, education, training, and customer service are all hiring remote workers.

Other areas include highly skilled labor such as accountants, engineers, teachers, and consultants.

What gear do you need?

It doesn’t have to be a treasure hunt for the right gear. Outlined below are the major areas of technology that will help you implement a strategy for taking care of yourself.

Searching for the lost city of Remote Work!


A dedicated mobile phone plan is a must on the road. Having a connection that allows for mobile tethering will make your life much easier. Visible phone service takes the lead with truly unlimited data on a budget! Check out the comparison below.

For access in the USA:

CompanyUnlimitedMobile TetheringCoverageCost
Visible WirelessYesYes. 1 deviceVersion Network. USA25/month party pay
StraighttalkNoNoVersion Network, USA35/month 3 gb data

If you need access worldwide something like may help.


Technology has never been more accessible to provide the software and hardware you need for remote working.


You can use anything from an Apple Macbook Pro, Apple Mackbook, PC or Chromebook. As long as it has the power to run the programs you need.


If you are providing any digital media files, a good high megapixel camera is a must. A GoPro can be included for the action shots.

Digital Storage

Either offline with the use of a portable hard drive for backup; or in an online resource like dropbox.


Subscriptions to online services such as Github, adobe online, Microsoft can make your life easier. Purchasing software that is commonly used in your industry can help. Your favorite programming environment or photo editor.

Misc hardware

Don’t forget things like extra power stations, comfortable headphones, and comfortable seating.


Without a strong network of online co-workers, you make not be able to develop a reputation to succeed. Spend some time each day giving back in online communities. Answering questions and giving feedback on other’s projects. The people you work with can be a valuable resource to connect with on LinkedIn and other social networks.

The Gig Economy and You

Numerous online marketplaces exist to find work. As you develop a skill set that is valuable in the industry you will be able to obtain better projects.

Here are a few.

Online Remote Job Websites

Getting Paid

Setting up an online-only banking account will allow you to have all the convenience of a bank, with none of the extra cost. You can set up most gig-economy jobs to deposit directly into your account.

Work/Life Balance

When working remotely, it is important to keep your work life and private life apart. Have a dedicated space for your work. Consider creating a new login account on your computer that is only for work. This will keep your work from taking over all of your playtimes.

Work is not a good playmate!

Keeping Up with Change

It is important that you keep up with the changes in technology and how they are impacting the remote work experience. You wouldn’t want to work with someone that is still using a Commodore 64 and a rotary phone! Old tech on a computer desk

Having a plan to review your needs every two years will help you stay current in the field.

What are some tips you would recommend to Remote workers?

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