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Gearing Up for Adventure

Here are some of our thoughts on how to gear up for an adventure. If you are adventuring by land, air or sea we should have a few tips for you! We have compiled some of our favorites from Amazon and have linked them with our affiliate link. Enjoy and we would love to hear about your tips!

Rate your trip

The first thing you should do when you have chosen an adventure is to rate your trip! Is it going to be all Hotels and pools, stealth camping in rest stops, off-road 4×4 adventures or just a simple spot at a State Park? The type of trip will impact your planning and what you should and shouldn’t bring. Don’t bust your tires by loading up everything!

Check your gear

If you haven’t already decided to store all of your camping gear in one place, stop reading now and go take care of that! By having all of your gear in one place you can clean out duplicates and old gear that you have never used. If you have not used an item in the last few trips, consider donating it. Review your gear and make sure you have the supplies for the type of weather you will be encountering.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Again

Not having any kind of a plan is a great way to be unprepared for the unexpected. If you are heading for an extended trip, thinking about a few of the ways things can go wrong will help you mentally prepare for them.

Flat tire? Have a spare? Have a lug wrench? Fuel? Camping fuel?

Make a quick list of a few of the things that might happen during your trip. If you are heading out in the backcountry, maybe think about Lions, Tigers, and Bears? Oh My.

Bear spray is something that could save your life!

Let loved ones know your plan

Even if you are just going to be gone a few days, let those people that care about you know that you are taking a trip and when you are expected to return. Do not post it on social media! Bad guys would be happy to learn you are away from home.

Even if you bring your phone, having an itinerary will help you plan for the unexpected.

Some Gear we never leave home without

We try not to over-pack for trips. Our motto is that if it is important and we happen to forget it we can always pick one up on the way. Most of our gear has been with us for years, we even have a propane cook-stove that has cooked breakfast in the mountains for over 18 years! Amazing how the smell of bacon and fresh coffee wakes you up in the wilderness!

Breakfast on the Road! No MCD around here.


We have used all kinds of things to sleep comfy on the ground. Pine Needles make a great mattress when required. My favorite is a Hammock as it can provide a safe place to sleep that protects you from the chill of the ground. It is lightweight and easy to carry!

If you are really up for some adventure, you can install a rooftop tent on your SUV! We built our Backpack! But some of these options on Amazon look amazing!

If in doubt, the good old fashion sleeping bag works great! Just be sure to get one that is rated for the temperature range you are traveling in.

Clothing & Shoes

The right clothing for the weather is important. Having layers will allow you to quickly adjust your clothing to the needs of the day.

For Shoes, be sure you have a well fitted, broken-in pair of hiking boots. Mrs. Adventure bought us a pair of Timberlands for a trip a few years ago and they have been well worth the cost!

Food & Snacks

If you are traveling on foot, the weight of the food may be something to consider.

There are some great high protein lightweight food items that require very little prep. Mrs. Adventure likes the chicken in a pack with a side of crackers. Bundle that with some fruit/nuts and you are good to go. Dragging a wagon up hilly terrain is not something I recommend you to do. We once walked 3 miles lugging behind our cloth travel wagon filled with water bottles! It was mostly dragging it through the pebbles on the trail. I don’t recommend that!

If you have a secure location and transportation, I recommend a low voltage ice chest like the Dometic Fridge. There are quite a few choices on Amazon, but be sure you read the comments!

If you are still looking for something different, check out all of the Top Camping Gear on Amazon! (Affiliate Link)

So get out there on the adventure and let us know in the comments how it went! P.S. Don’t forget the toilet paper!

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