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Sometimes it seems like everyone is selling something.

Sometimes it seems like everyone is selling something.

Dealing with the sellers!

Every day in life we are approached by people, robots, signs, and noises that are trying to sell us something. Dealing with all the noise can be hard if you have not setup a few mental weapons to help you deal with it. Enjoy this quick dive into some tips and tricks that sellers use to get us to part with our hard-earned cash.

  1. It’s on Sale! – If it is something you were not going to buy anyway, being on sale should not be a motivation for buying something you don’t need! A great rule to remember is that all sales repeat each year and you can enjoy great deals on various items at different times of the year. Here is a great article from NerdWallet to help you remember.
  2. Regular retail price markdowns – Just because something is listed for 1 million dollars and has a big red tag that it is on sale for 19.99, don’t get caught in this trap. Do some research on big purchases and find out what people are really buying that expensive leather coat for. Sellers can price the items at any price on resale websites making it look like that item is valuable.
  3. Know who the sucker is – If you can’t figure out who the sucker is in a sales pitch, then it well could be you. If a seller is promising too much, know that they are trying to make money from you. A free lunch comes with a sales pitch.

If you have some more great tips, drop them in the comments!

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