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How to make a Camp Fire

Memories made around a campfire!

Looking for campfire wood can be quite a chore. It all pays off when you have that fire going just right for hours. So, collecting wood and prepping is then turned delightful to get and prepare.

Campfire can help with the coziness of the bitter cold nip or wet air around you to dry off. It’s nice to put camp chairs around the fire and have great chats on fun subjects with each other.

Maybe its time. Here are some instructions on how to make a campfire:

  1. Find some decent rocks to make a circular area the size of a car tire. The rocks can be stacked on top of each other too. You also can just dig a ditch or circular area the size of a tire and about 5 to 10 inches deep. Smooth out the bottom. Also, clear other leaves debris away from the circular area to prevent spreading of fire. Make sure no trees will be harmed by the flames.
  2. You can find twigs that are lying around dead not green. Bend and snap them to be in a center. Twigs should be as big or small as your fingers. Snapping them helps the dry part ignite better. If you have time, you could even use a pocketknife carefully and scrape some shreds of dry wood into a pile. You would only need a fistful to ignite. Maybe some paper pieces would help too.
  3. After all that is done, get some sticks that are bigger. The size of 1 inch or 2inch and about big as your foot. This will be used to make a teepee style or angled together where the bottom of those sticks is in circular area over the little twigs or shredding’s.
  4. Now after this, get some good big chucks of wood ready, maybe even place them by making a teepee over the 1 to 2 in sticks. Really helps the fuel of air flow upward and aimed towards the center of flames.
  5. You may need to blow some air at the bottom area to force the air to ignite the fire to sustain. Maybe use a paper plate to fan the fire or something to make a little wind flow.
  6. You will need a set aside pile of wood ready. Some of the 1 to 2 inch and some of nice chucks of wood to feed the fire.
  7. Have a shovel ready to control any fires that come up outside the circular fire pit area.

If you can use water that is the best resource to use when you are done using the fire pit. Poor water over all of it and break up the fire with the shovel in the circle. Water must be given till NO smoke or steam is seen. Drown out the fire.

Get your graham crackers, marsh mellows and chocolate bar. Smore Time!

Maybe share your ideas on how to get a nice fire going so we all can try these ideas. Have you had a no problem campfire experience to share? Maybe you have the best way to make SMORES?

Having camp stories around a perfect campfire would just remembered. Do you have any campfire stories that you would like to share?

Oh, I can’t wait to hear what you share! Excitement begins.