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What are some Campfire Treats you can make camping?

When you are finally at your destination or even sitting still around a wonderful made campfire, you then are ready to make something tasty for a treat to top off the moment.

Campfire treats to the rescue!

All time classic treat of course is SMORES!

How to make smores treat:

You will need: big marsh mellows, chocolate bars, Graham crackers, Marsh mellow stick. Napkin and paper plate optional. Maybe something to drink like water. Oh potholder or something to get this off the coals or rack.

Find a soon to be marsh mellow stick. Long enough to hold over your coals in the fire area. Make sure its strong enough to hold over the area with a marsh mellow or two. Stores now sell marsh mellow poles just for this moment too. Might need to scrape off the bark a little and able to poke freely enough to place that marsh mellow or 2 right at the tip.

Have a graham cracker or two all set and ready when the marsh mellow looks gooey enough to slide off the stick to the graham cracker. Maybe a napkin or paper plate set up or just get ready for licking your fingers and risking the who can stay clean from this treat moment game.

Let’s get that chocolate bar out and break a piece off to set on the graham cracker. The marsh mellow will go right on top of that chocolate piece and help melt a little. Now you got a moment of smores. Some will even say Smores please. HAH! Yum!

Here is another yummy campfire treat called Banana Boat or Banana deluxe Smores!

This is a hot yummy treat to try out. Get a plate ready, napkin and a fork or spoon to eat this one.

You will need: Marsh mellows small or big, chocolate chips, banana, tinfoil, or aluminum foil.

Get a tinfoil the size of 2 paper plates est.

Set a paper plate inside the tinfoil or aluminum foil.

Dice up your banana or just cut it in half and place on the tinfoil or aluminum foil. Take off the peeling before you dice or cut, please. You can even add sliced strawberries if you like.

Place chocolate chips or even piece of the chocolate bar and place it in on the plate with bananas. Maybe you might try M&M’s or even Peanut Butter cups! How about a caramel square candy?

Add your marsh mellows and maybe if you have some broken graham crackers and place that in there. Take the tin foil or aluminum foil and cover the whole thing up where NO paper plate is shown. You don’t want the paper plate to catch fire. Double the bottom if you need.

Now place the whole thing on some coals. Not in the flames just coals. Let sit for estimate of 5 to 10 mins. Enough to melt the marsh mellows and chocolate. Peak and see if you like. You can use a rack to set this on too.

Once you feel ready that its melted, take this off the coals or rack. Place on a safe surface or potholder or towel maybe even on another paper plate after you pull out the treat from inside. Place the whole paper plate treat on top of another paper plate and get your fork or spoon ready!


Some individuals like to leave the banana in the banana peeling and slice the banana in half open long ways, then add all their goodies inside that and wrap in tin foil o aluminum. Then they place it on the fire coals and pull it out and open and eat from there. Up to you. Your treat your moment. Either way, it’s a YUMMER!

Here is another campfire treat.

You will need: Waffle cones, marsh mellows big or small, chocolate bar or M&M’s, peanut butter cup if you like, Milk duds, if its meltable candies then you can put it in this. Maybe banana slices, maybe strawberry slices. That’s the fun part of this treat., Tin foil or aluminum foil. Something to place or take out oof the fire like tongs. Napkin and or paper plate.

Get a waffle cone.

Fill the waffle cone with marsh mellows and selected treats like chocolate chips and strawberry slices. Don’t over fill past the top. The marsh mellow may puff very well.

Wrap the waffle cone up with the tin foil or aluminum foil.

Place in on top coals with no flames or on a rack for 5 to 10 mins or until you see its melted enough to enjoy eating.

Pull item off the coals or rack area and place on paper plate and get the fork or spoon or maybe just hold the item once cool enough to eat like you would an ice cream cone. It will be hot so please beware and careful not to burn your tung or finger etc.

Do you know of a campfire treat to try? I just got to know what to try.

Thank you and please share and enjoy!

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