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Laundry on the Go!

How to do laundry when travelling.

Laundry is one of those chores that seems endless. Pick a day and let that be the laundry day and even maybe a day to freshen the RV, camper, or even vehicle. Let’s go straight to the list of ideas so you can get this to do chore checked off the list.

Tip: Have at least fourteen days’ worth of socks and under wear to goal set to wash cloths within two weeks.

Laundromats are simple and can even wash your Big Fleece blanket or Coleman sleeping bags in the big commercial washers. Have plenty of quarters ready. Maybe put quarters in one of those “can’t find the other sock” since it will be a handful of quarters to lug around. The Laundromat just makes all your loads wash and get done at same time; and we love saving time! Blankets in one Commercial Washing machine, Cotton bath towels in another, and lights and darks in there washing machines. You will be ready to conquer this to chore asap! I just snap my fingers and say, “DONE!”

Tip: Oder eaters REALLY help for those who wear socks long hours with shoes.

Family or friends may have a home washer and dryer. Simply ask ahead of time so they will have the area ready for you.  Maybe in exchange leave them some soap and fabric sheets with a premade thank you Hallmark card or piece of writing notepad paper. Little things from the heart can brighten there day especially if it’s left on there washer or dryer as a thank you gift.

Tip: Have at least two cloth laundry bags to sort out one for dark colors and one for light colors. The Cloth bags help the cloths breath and not mold.

DIY Washer

A Home Depot Bucket and good new toilet plunger with few jugs of water and Tide laundry soap is a great DIY washer. Be ready to hand ring the cloths and line dry them somewhere. You need to only put half a bucket of cloths in it that you feel able to wash and a rinse.

  1. Cover at least all the dry cloths with water.
  2. Not much Tide soap is needed. I would say two table spoons of Tide Laundry soap.
  3. Get a Nice toilet plunger and just push it down over and over till you notice the dirty water showing.
  4. Next you need to drain the soapy water.
  5. Refill the bucket with clean water and use the plunger again till you are comfortable with the soap out of the cloths.
  6. Then, take the cloths items out and twist the water off and hang on a laundry rope with laundry clips. It will take longer to dry but maybe its summer or have a nice breeze to dry them over night. Hey, at least clean cloths will be available right? If you ever done this, I admire you greatly!
  7. Enjoy your freshness!

Purchase Options for Washing Clothes in a Small Space

Small washing hand machine like the Wonderwash mini washer might help you out instead of the bucket and plunger method. This is something you still must turn or crank to have this small washing hand machine. It can wash and rinse your cloths. Portable little Wonderwash mini washer simply can store somewhere nicely.  Nonelectric usage with no wires or plugs. Just a crank to turn and swish wash and get them clean cloths rolling. Rinsing is the same way.  You still need to ring them out a bit and hang dry them. I have heard of some one using a big salad spinner to put under cloths and socks in and even some light shirts.

Tip: Use recyclable plastic containers like Rubbermaid to store a couple of laundry pods like Tide Laundry Soap and Bounce fabric sheets for easier grab and go for the laundry bags. Tide laundry Pods work well for grab and go instead of the big Tide jugs. We have seen those small Tide laundry mini bottles at the Dollar Stores that you could refill and carry too.

Our Thoughts on being smelly.

Sure hope these ideas help someone out there. Wearing your underwear once more inside out just might not be the way to go. Maybe the inside out shirt might work to hide the dirt but when the odors linger you still got a slight possible problem to conquer such as freshen up the dirty laundry. Do the laundry on a day that you know must get done somehow, some were, and almost anywhere today.

What do you do for laundry cleaning? Love to hear from you.

Have a great wash day!

Tip: Put some simple Dawn dish soap straight onto a shirt or cloths that will have a stubborn stain on it before you do your laundry within the two-week chore deadline goal.