Mrs. Adventure & Mr. Freedom
Mrs. Adventure & Mr. Freedom

“Hi!, I’m Mr. Freedom and I spend too much!”.

This was a conversation I had to have with myself to realize a path to freedom. My wife Mrs. Adventure has joined me in a quest of independence to financial freedom! We are a family of reformed 8-5 worker bees that seek to be free of the day to day grind. We saw the Jones..copied them until we realized the trap! We discovered F.I. about a year ago. We have transformed our financial diet. This blog shares things we have learned as family and tips that can help you find happiness on the journey.

Man with Help sign chained to material things.
Keeping Up with the Jones!

So as we reflected on our life, we realized that it was silly to hold ourselves where we really didn’t want to be. We get more joy from enjoying the sunset in a beautiful view from the modern hustle and bustle and never be out of debt. We still make lots of mistakes. We welcome you to join us on the road as we discover how to be better.

Man and woman holding hands watching sunset
Mr. Freedom and Mrs. Adventure enjoying life!