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    What are some Campfire Treats you can make camping?

    When you are finally at your destination or even sitting still around a wonderful made campfire, you then are ready to make something tasty for a treat to top off the moment. Campfire treats to the rescue! All time classic treat of course is SMORES! How to make smores treat: You will need: big marsh mellows, chocolate bars, Graham crackers, Marsh mellow stick. Napkin and paper plate optional. Maybe something to drink like water. Oh potholder or something to get this off the coals or rack. Find a soon to be marsh mellow stick. Long enough to hold over your coals in the fire area. Make sure its strong enough…

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    Are Hobbies as a Side-Hustle worth it?

    As we wander in this life, we tend to pick up many random skills. Some of these skills are fun, some fulfilling, others are just plain excitement. One thing that always crosses peoples minds is that if they got paid for the hobby, maybe they would love it even more. Can I turn my hobby into a money making empire? Can my hobby pay me? Our Experience Many years ago (To be read as when we were younger and dumber! ) as we wandered the country in an old Jeep, we would buy rolls of hemp from the store and make bracelets as we drove. Simple knots, rocks wrapped around…

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    Road Trip Meal Ideas

    Travelling on the road can get expensive if you rely on eating out at all of the fast food joints. Spending 30 bucks a day can quickly drain the wallet! Mrs. Adventure wanted to share some of our go to meals that we enjoy on the road. Breakfast Ideas (May or may not need wipeable/cleanable/recyclable dishes. May need a portable hot water maker such as coffee pot pluggable in cigarette lighter area) Avocado smashed, and non-toasted Multi grain sandwich thins buns. Granola bar and cup of fruit. Multi Grain thin buns and slice cheese with already cooked breakfast sausage-flat circle kind. Precut cantaloupe pieces and yogurt (keep in ice-chest or…

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    Incognito Adventure

    Recently we took a trip from Texas to Washington state in our incognito adventure van. If you haven’t seen how awesome our van is, check out the youtube tour. So now that you understand how awesome our van is, here are a few things we noticed on this last trip across the United States. So starting out in Texas. Texas is still very friendly to camper vans, even with the passage of House Bill 1925 Texas remains one of the states where you can pull over on a rest area and enjoy a decent nights sleep with out the fear of a knock on the door. We travelled from Houston…

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    The Importance of a checklist!

    Things Go Wrong! In life, when things go wrong, they can spiral into a disaster. Recently while towing our 24ft Travel Trailer, we had an oops; the entire hitch on one side of the chassis came loose from the camper. The Travel Trailer quickly lost the connection to the truck and dropped down to the road, seeing this in the rear view mirror I quickly dropped our speed and maintained control of the vehicle with 2 hands firmly on the steering wheel. Not knowing what to expect, I put on the flashers and exited the vehicle. Checking the hitch ball it was still firmly attached to the tow bar, which…

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    Sometimes it seems like everyone is selling something.

    Dealing with the sellers! Every day in life we are approached by people, robots, signs, and noises that are trying to sell us something. Dealing with all the noise can be hard if you have not setup a few mental weapons to help you deal with it. Enjoy this quick dive into some tips and tricks that sellers use to get us to part with our hard-earned cash. It’s on Sale! – If it is something you were not going to buy anyway, being on sale should not be a motivation for buying something you don’t need! A great rule to remember is that all sales repeat each year and…

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    Top Tips for Working Remotely

    Finding your groove in remote work is a balance between the right tools and the right mindset. In this post we will provide a few tips to get you moving in the direction of your groove. The Setup Having a spot that is dedicated to work is one way to improve your productivity. Find yourself a comfy chair, a good desk and good lighting. Once you have the location make sure it is free of any distractions and allows you to focus on the job at hand. On your computer you may find it better to create a new login account that is specific to work, this will keep your…

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    The kindness of caring

    “The only time you look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough. You don’t look in your neighbor’s bowl to see if you have as much as them.” ― Louis C.K. An exercise Take a few moments today and think about your blessings. Giving some thought to those things that are going well with your life can help you realize that the bad will go away. You will survive. (Que singing….) One of the ways that I have found to calm my mind is with meditation. Seek out a quite place and have a moment to yourself just listening to your breathing. Try to ignore…

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    Gearing Up for Adventure

    Here are some of our thoughts on how to gear up for an adventure. If you are adventuring by land, air or sea we should have a few tips for you! We have compiled some of our favorites from Amazon and have linked them with our affiliate link. Enjoy and we would love to hear about your tips! Rate your trip The first thing you should do when you have chosen an adventure is to rate your trip! Is it going to be all Hotels and pools, stealth camping in rest stops, off-road 4×4 adventures or just a simple spot at a State Park? The type of trip will impact…

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