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    How to keep mold out of your RV Camper

    Mold! O My! A conversation we once had: Let’s go camping! Pack the bags! Get the food! Fill up the tank for gas! LET’S GO! “Oh sweetheart, there’s a little question I need to ask you. What is that strange looking gross mold doing on this wall?” says Mr. Freedom. “No! It’s got to be dirt. Well, I now remember I left the ceiling vent open just a little and now look at the wall. It’s got mold on it.” I reply. “Can you get the mold off?” “All depends on how much mold to clean to be honest. Usually if it has mold you have to repair the whole…

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    Laundry on the Go!

    How to do laundry when travelling. Laundry is one of those chores that seems endless. Pick a day and let that be the laundry day and even maybe a day to freshen the RV, camper, or even vehicle. Let’s go straight to the list of ideas so you can get this to do chore checked off the list. Tip: Have at least fourteen days’ worth of socks and under wear to goal set to wash cloths within two weeks. Laundromats are simple and can even wash your Big Fleece blanket or Coleman sleeping bags in the big commercial washers. Have plenty of quarters ready. Maybe put quarters in one of…

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    What are some Campfire Treats you can make camping?

    When you are finally at your destination or even sitting still around a wonderful made campfire, you then are ready to make something tasty for a treat to top off the moment. Campfire treats to the rescue! All time classic treat of course is SMORES! How to make smores treat: You will need: big marsh mellows, chocolate bars, Graham crackers, Marsh mellow stick. Napkin and paper plate optional. Maybe something to drink like water. Oh potholder or something to get this off the coals or rack. Find a soon to be marsh mellow stick. Long enough to hold over your coals in the fire area. Make sure its strong enough…

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    How to make a Camp Fire

    Looking for campfire wood can be quite a chore. It all pays off when you have that fire going just right for hours. So, collecting wood and prepping is then turned delightful to get and prepare. Campfire can help with the coziness of the bitter cold nip or wet air around you to dry off. It’s nice to put camp chairs around the fire and have great chats on fun subjects with each other. Maybe its time. Here are some instructions on how to make a campfire: Find some decent rocks to make a circular area the size of a car tire. The rocks can be stacked on top of…

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    The Importance of a checklist!

    Things Go Wrong! In life, when things go wrong, they can spiral into a disaster. Recently while towing our 24ft Travel Trailer, we had an oops; the entire hitch on one side of the chassis came loose from the camper. The Travel Trailer quickly lost the connection to the truck and dropped down to the road, seeing this in the rear view mirror I quickly dropped our speed and maintained control of the vehicle with 2 hands firmly on the steering wheel. Not knowing what to expect, I put on the flashers and exited the vehicle. Checking the hitch ball it was still firmly attached to the tow bar, which…

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    Gearing Up for Adventure

    Here are some of our thoughts on how to gear up for an adventure. If you are adventuring by land, air or sea we should have a few tips for you! We have compiled some of our favorites from Amazon and have linked them with our affiliate link. Enjoy and we would love to hear about your tips! Rate your trip The first thing you should do when you have chosen an adventure is to rate your trip! Is it going to be all Hotels and pools, stealth camping in rest stops, off-road 4×4 adventures or just a simple spot at a State Park? The type of trip will impact…

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    Product Review: Mr. Buddy Indoor Safe Heater

    Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Propane Heater We purchased this heater on a recent road trip from the southeast of the USA to the northwest! Brrrrrrrrrrrr……..We wanted a heater that was tested as safe indoor in enclosed spaces.  We are using mr buddy heater in our RV.  We even found it so efficient in our small 42 sq/ft truck camper that we just used the pilot on setting. When we wanted it warmer the Mr heater buddy run time averaged about 4 hours on one small tank on the lowest setting. Pros Small Design allows for easy storage Can use a hose to an external tank. Auto Shut off if it…

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