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    How to keep mold out of your RV Camper

    Mold! O My! A conversation we once had: Let’s go camping! Pack the bags! Get the food! Fill up the tank for gas! LET’S GO! “Oh sweetheart, there’s a little question I need to ask you. What is that strange looking gross mold doing on this wall?” says Mr. Freedom. “No! It’s got to be dirt. Well, I now remember I left the ceiling vent open just a little and now look at the wall. It’s got mold on it.” I reply. “Can you get the mold off?” “All depends on how much mold to clean to be honest. Usually if it has mold you have to repair the whole…

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    Laundry on the Go!

    How to do laundry when travelling. Laundry is one of those chores that seems endless. Pick a day and let that be the laundry day and even maybe a day to freshen the RV, camper, or even vehicle. Let’s go straight to the list of ideas so you can get this to do chore checked off the list. Tip: Have at least fourteen days’ worth of socks and under wear to goal set to wash cloths within two weeks. Laundromats are simple and can even wash your Big Fleece blanket or Coleman sleeping bags in the big commercial washers. Have plenty of quarters ready. Maybe put quarters in one of…

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    How to make a Camp Fire

    Looking for campfire wood can be quite a chore. It all pays off when you have that fire going just right for hours. So, collecting wood and prepping is then turned delightful to get and prepare. Campfire can help with the coziness of the bitter cold nip or wet air around you to dry off. It’s nice to put camp chairs around the fire and have great chats on fun subjects with each other. Maybe its time. Here are some instructions on how to make a campfire: Find some decent rocks to make a circular area the size of a car tire. The rocks can be stacked on top of…

  • Our DIY Truck Camper

    DIY: Truck Camper Build – Intro

    About our lil’ Backpack Welcome to the introduction to our home built truck camper series. From this series of post you will develop a firm know-how of what you can make, and what things to avoid. Our Wants/Needs We typically take at least two road trips each year of about 2000 miles. We have made this trip in a small 4 door car, A 28 foot travel trailer, A huge truck camper, A pop-up truck camper and good ole’ Backpack. During all of these adventures we learned many things about what we wanted with a travel camper. We didn’t want something that was big and overloaded. Mrs. Adventure started this…

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