Financial tips and tricks that can help lead to less stress on the path to freedom.

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    Sometimes it seems like everyone is selling something.

    Dealing with the sellers! Every day in life we are approached by people, robots, signs, and noises that are trying to sell us something. Dealing with all the noise can be hard if you have not setup a few mental weapons to help you deal with it. Enjoy this quick dive into some tips and tricks that sellers use to get us to part with our hard-earned cash. It’s on Sale! – If it is something you were not going to buy anyway, being on sale should not be a motivation for buying something you don’t need! A great rule to remember is that all sales repeat each year and…

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    Why the simple path to Financial Independence is so hard!

    What is Financial Independence ( F.I. ) F.I. is the ability to live off of your investments with the benefit of those investments growing over time and not having to work a normal job.  This description has a few variants in the F.I. Community, but everyone is attempting to live off of their investments ( Stocks, Bonds, Real-estate, Royalties, etc ) so as not to work as an employee to someone else. The Science As humans we love to be rewarded with instant gratifications.The iced chocolate doughnut that screams to our psyche to devour it for the easy calories. ( That sounds yummmy! Brb getting a doughnut and coffee. )Our…