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    Top Tips for Working Remotely

    Finding your groove in remote work is a balance between the right tools and the right mindset. In this post we will provide a few tips to get you moving in the direction of your groove. The Setup Having a spot that is dedicated to work is one way to improve your productivity. Find yourself a comfy chair, a good desk and good lighting. Once you have the location make sure it is free of any distractions and allows you to focus on the job at hand. On your computer you may find it better to create a new login account that is specific to work, this will keep your…

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    The kindness of caring

    “The only time you look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough. You don’t look in your neighbor’s bowl to see if you have as much as them.” ― Louis C.K. An exercise Take a few moments today and think about your blessings. Giving some thought to those things that are going well with your life can help you realize that the bad will go away. You will survive. (Que singing….) One of the ways that I have found to calm my mind is with meditation. Seek out a quite place and have a moment to yourself just listening to your breathing. Try to ignore…

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    Gearing Up for Adventure

    Here are some of our thoughts on how to gear up for an adventure. If you are adventuring by land, air or sea we should have a few tips for you! We have compiled some of our favorites from Amazon and have linked them with our affiliate link. Enjoy and we would love to hear about your tips! Rate your trip The first thing you should do when you have chosen an adventure is to rate your trip! Is it going to be all Hotels and pools, stealth camping in rest stops, off-road 4×4 adventures or just a simple spot at a State Park? The type of trip will impact…

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    What is Character?

    A man’s character is most evident by how he treats those who are not in a position either to retaliate or reciprocate. – 1948 Paul Eldridge – “Lanterns in the Night” What is Character? Character is the aspect of being human that you share with the world. It is the mirror image you see in the morning. It is the ego you promote to the world. A Character can be a hero or a villain. When no one is watching what you do and your inner voice provides you with discussion. What kind of person are you? Sometimes bad people do good things; sometimes good people do bad. How you…

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    Why the simple path to Financial Independence is so hard!

    What is Financial Independence ( F.I. ) F.I. is the ability to live off of your investments with the benefit of those investments growing over time and not having to work a normal job.  This description has a few variants in the F.I. Community, but everyone is attempting to live off of their investments ( Stocks, Bonds, Real-estate, Royalties, etc ) so as not to work as an employee to someone else. The Science As humans we love to be rewarded with instant gratifications.The iced chocolate doughnut that screams to our psyche to devour it for the easy calories. ( That sounds yummmy! Brb getting a doughnut and coffee. )Our…

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    Thinking about the life you want!

    “Lazarus scowled and bit his lip. “Son, one of the few things I’ve learned is that humans hardly ever learn from the experience of others. They learn — when they do, which isn’t often — on their own, the hard way.”” – Robert A. Heinlein – Time Enough For Love Be Honest It is important to be honest with yourself on the kind of life you want to live. Life is about compromises, but you should never forget to be honest with yourself. An Exercise – Here is an exercise in discovering what you really want: Sit down somewhere comfy. Relax. Focus on breathing for a few minutes. Think about…

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    “Hello world!” – Mr. Freedom

    Every journey starts with a destination and one foot moving in front of the other. Welcome! Please join us for our journey into a world where our Freedom leads us to adventure. Our destination is “Freedom!“. Freedom from the worry, freedom from the stress. Freedom from all of the self-imposed issues that entails “Keeping up with the Jones”. Join us in our Adventure as we Build a life we dream and share our tips with you. Sometimes we will share our joy of finance and the Trinity study that provides a path to financial freedom. Other times we will share useful technical gadgets that have helped us on the road.…

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