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What is the point of this site?

Welcome, we are glad you are here. This site aims to provide all things that would be of interest to someone that loves adventure, camping, experiences and more. We explore how to adventure on a budget! How to become F.I. so you can live your dreams!

Like minded

We are like-minded folk!

We want to provide you with all of the information you need to become a digital nomad, a wandering RV’er or even just a lazy sailor enjoying their freedom.

On this site you will find more material then you will ever need. We even have a monthly newsletter that gives a brief overview of everything going on around here. Feel free to sign-up!

What topics can I expect in the future?

  • F.I.R.E – Financial Independence/Retire Early – We will provide some information, charts and more to get you up to speed on the power of Compound Interest! Even a quick primer on the Trinity Study. I will attempt to keep it short as to not let you snooze.
  • RV’ing – Tips, Tricks and Great Gadgets that have made our life so much easier.
  • Camping – Budget Camping, Van Life and other quirky names for Adventuring on a Budget. We will even have a section on Building your own Tear-drop or Truck Camper. Our’s has been a life-saver on the road! To Date we have saved over 3,000 USD on hotel stays.
  • Mindfulness & Life – We may share a few things we have learned on the journey.
  • Budget Campsites – Tips on how to join RV clubs to save money on over-night stays, long-term stays and where you can boon-dock!
  • And yes there is more! More! more… As new topics come up we will add a category to help you find it. Check back and we promise to not disappoint!
Trees on a sunny day with a hammock
Time Well Spent in the Hammock

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